Hair fierceness!!


To all my beautiful black women, for 2009, look for God’s presence as your no 1 only  priority, stay strong, take care of your health, respect yourself and your body & stay fierce!! And continue to love yourself, your hair & put some flavor in it ! Those are my sincere wishes for all my clients..
Just a reminder that WIGS confection is one of the services I offer. Lets specify that I make the wig from scratch on your head ( while you’re sitting in my chair) in the style that you desire. I use the same 100% human hair ( straight, wavy or curly ) that I would use for a weave so its look more ‘real’ than the synthetic wigs you usually buy at the beauty supply store!
Wigs are the perfect solution when you’re in need of a break if you wash, treat, condition, trimm & braid your hair underneath on a regular basis. Myself, Im a fan of wigs whenever my hair is crying for help or thinning from chemical processing. Last time I did a relaxer was in May 2008 when I had the Victoria Beckam cut. I cut all my length down to 4-5 cms in June 2008 & been growing my hair ‘au naturel’ ever since.  I VOWED TO TAKTE A ONE YEAR BREAK! I did that so my hair can actually grow really strong without being affected by the stress of chemicals. The only disavantage is the NAPPINESS!! Ouf, sometimes you forget what it is to deal with natural kinky hair but its worth it! I think we all need a break from relaxer or any other chemical processing once every other year so our hair dont look dry & over processed!
Wigs are also very flexible. Almost every style can be done as a wig, for example, short wigs like Rihanna’s current style! Here’s a few example of how I changed my look by simply putting my wig on.. What a double life LMAO , feel free to ask me for more details..

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