Hair fierceness!!

December’s Favorite


4 responses

  1. MerryAnn-Fashion

    Nice hair here………………..

    January 18, 2006 at 3:48 pm

  2. MerryAnn-Fashion

    If you don\’t mind,i\’m going to put u to my "Fashion Links"

    January 18, 2006 at 3:53 pm

  3. tamara

    hi Laurie !!!its tamara , just wanted to say that your site is an absolute bliss when it comes to hair fashion for black women in montreal !!! i admire it … you actually give me inspiration !!! the styles are refreshing and up to date!!!\\if eventually your thinking of opening a beauty salon , i would be interested in a business partnership if ever our views of the business match ….. let me know … you know where to find me : email : and you have my phone

    January 20, 2006 at 11:03 am

  4. *:Jess:*

    Hey You Don\’t Know Me But I was Just Browsing Throguh peoples Sites And I found Yours….You have A Very unique style and an amazing talent. Keep pursuing your dream and good luck with you in the future!!

    February 3, 2006 at 5:26 pm

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