Hair fierceness!!

WISHES & Time Out

Hey GUYS, its me again… I wanna wish every visitor and client a Wonderful Happy New Year. Health, wisdom and lots of HAIR luv!! Lol. Naw, on da real, I sincerely wanna tell everybody who’s supportin me that Im truly touched by your construtive comments & help. I pray & hope that I will continue to make you happy through my work. I feel blessed!
Thkx & Wishes
2005 was a magnificent year: first hairshow, business growth, new connects, wicked creations, lots of promotin. And guess who made it possible? GOD.. Thk you Lord for being my Savior and for giving me this talent. I owe you everything and Im GRATEFUL.
Special thx to my best clients.. just to name a few : Murielle, Vanessa, Medgine, Melissa, Patrice, Patrice ( yes there’s 2 of them ). Thx for trustin me with your looks. I appreciated it.
Many thx to my loved ones who keep me grounded: Mom, you’re da best, tkx for worrying about my health and makin me breakfast when u there… Mich, lil sis, u r my treasure and u know that… even if I dont show it every chance I got. Na2, you’re an inspiration to me and when it comes to hair… thx for being such a risk taker. Vicky, my assistant..thx for being available on da regular, you make it easier for me. Esther, thx for listenin… I know I talk a whole lot. Lol.
To my future clients, I cannot wait to meet you and be a part of your life through HairStyling!
Time Out
I’ve been givin you 100% since november… with school, church and my personal life, I can say that da last 2 months has been crazy.. Therefore, Im takin a lil break to rest and recharge my batteries. Lol. I’ll be back to work January 12th.. Again, call ahead for an appoinment and be ON TIME!! My time is as valuable as yours.
As 2006 begins, there will be a few changes in da way I manage my time & business but dont worry, I’ll keep you posted. Expect me to call you during da followin weeks for more details and plz know that Im always open to suggestions.
Take care of yourself… I will make sure to do da same…
Laurie XOXO

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